Is Breastmilk a Possible Cure for Cancer?

Is Breastmilk a Possible Cure for Cancer?

Could our liquid gold actually be a cure for the BIG C? We all know that breast milk is AMAZING! But a possible cure for cancer? That's a pretty bold statement!

Why my sudden interest in this topic?

A few months ago, doctors accidentally discovered a 4cm tumor on my husband's thyroid. They were unable to confirm whether it was cancerous, giving us a 40-70% chance that it was. Consequently, my husband underwent a partial thyroidectomy, having half his thyroid removed. We are still awaiting the results, but the mere thought of cancer is terrifying. And if breastmilk could potentially be a cure for cancer, I needed to learn more.

Here's what I've uncovered.

In 1995, a research group in Lund, Sweden, stumbled upon a fascinating discovery: a component of human breast milk can kill tumor cells without harming healthy cells. Fast forward to 2019, and researchers at HAMLET Pharma presented the results of a pioneering small study involving 20 participants. This study was the first of its kind to demonstrate that this unique component found only in breast milk could break tumors into tiny fragments. Impressively, certain cancer patients were able to pass these fragments through their urine.

As a breastfeeding mum whose husband is facing a potential cancer diagnosis, this has totally piqued my interest. However, before considering an all breastmilk diet for my husband, I sought more information.

Prof. Svanborg, part of the Swedish research team, recalls the ‘serendipitous’ discovery in the lab one day. "During one experiment, we needed human cells and bacteria to coexist, and we opted for human tumor cells for practical reasons. To our astonishment, when we added this milk compound, the tumor cells died. It was an entirely unexpected and amazing discovery!"

This emerging research offers a glimmer of hope and underscores the miraculous properties of breast milk beyond nutrition. While further studies are necessary to fully understand and harness HAMLET's potential, the prospect of using breast milk as a weapon against cancer is both fascinating and hopeful.

So, will I be giving my husband my breast milk to help fight his potential cancer? 

Look, I think breast milk is amazing, and I believe scientists are only just beginning to scratch the surface of its incredible properties. However, it's worth noting that the HAMLET study did not involve drinking breast milk. For breast milk to effectively combat tumors (which it did, very convincingly), the protein needs to be altered. Scientists have achieved this by partially unfolding the protein and adding a fatty acid to it. In short, you need a laboratory, not just a pump and some storage bags.

So, while I might not be suggesting my hubby goes on an all breastmilk diet, I am absolutely fascinated by the research and incredibly proud that I have given my milk to my babies.

LOVE you BFF, mean it!

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Here are 4 facts about HAMLET if you need them!

#1: Can Breastmilk Cure Cancer?

Research indicates that a component in breastmilk, nicknamed 'HAMLET,' has the potential to kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells. However, further studies are needed to fully understand and apply this discovery.

#2:  How Does 'HAMLET' Work?

'HAMLET' works by selectively targeting and killing tumor cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed. It breaks down the tumor cells into tiny fragments that can be expelled from the body.

#3: Can I Use My Breastmilk To Treat Cancer At Home?

The current research and application of 'HAMLET' require scientific alteration of a breastmilk protein in a laboratory setting. Nope, it's not as simple as using breastmilk directly for cancer treatment.

#4: What Does This Mean for The Future of Cancer Treatment?

While it’s too early to say definitively, the discovery of 'HAMLET' opens up new avenues for cancer research and treatment, highlighting the incredible potential of breastmilk aka liquid gold in medical science.


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