How Did I Lose 43 lbs in Five Months While Exclusively Breastfeeding?

How Did I Lose 43 lbs in Five Months While Exclusively Breastfeeding?

How did I lose 43 lbs (21 kg) in five months while exclusively breastfeeding and donating thousands of liters of my milk? Part One!

I achieved it all with the help of my new LACTABLOOM Lactation Shakes. Now, I know exactly what you're thinking. "Of course, you would say that about your own product!" Lol, I hear you! But I mean it when I say it; it’s the best. Let’s start at the very beginning.. 

Before my Lacatabloom Journey 

Why did I create my Lactation Shake?

Well, I have always struggled with my weight, and at the time I developed the shakes, I had been breastfeeding for 13 long continuous years. I wanted to create a high-protein, formulated meal replacement shake that not only supported a mum's breast milk supply but also nourished her postpartum body and hair. Let's acknowledge the epic postpartum hair shed. It also had to be awesome for non-breastfeeding moms as well. Basically, it's perfect for past, present, and retired milk makers.

Fun fact about the brand name: 'Lacta' stands for Lactation, and 'Bloom' means to have a healthy, energetic, beautiful appearance.

What makes my Lactation Shake so special?

Glad you asked 😉. It's safe for both pregnancy and breastfeeding. I breastfed through all my pregnancies and could never find products that I could confidently consume because, as you know, women do breastfeed while pregnant.

I don't hide my ingredients list behind a lame "proprietary blend"; all ingredients are listed.

It's fenugreek-free. Fenugreek can sometimes make or break your supply. Unfortunately, I have seen it tank many mums’ supplies.

High protein: 19 grams of protein per serve with skim milk.

Contains NO Artificial Nasties, NO Soy, NO Dairy, & NO Gluten. Made in Australia ❤️

If it’s so good, why did it take years to launch?

Right?? Well, being pregnant with baby number 5, I suffered the worst HG. I didn’t want to release a product that I couldn’t 100% back myself with results, so I waited until the time was right for me to begin my own LACTABLOOM journey.

What about toxic diet culture and the rush to bounce back after baby?

This is always at the back of my mind. As someone who could no longer comfortably fit into chairs, struggled to put my shoes on, or enjoy an active life with my five babies, I knew I needed this. I thought perhaps other mums did too. I don’t relate to women with smaller-sized bodies clutching a few layers of tummy rolls, telling me to love my postpartum self and not worry about losing weight while breastfeeding; you can do it after the baby weans. Well, my 'babies' typically wean around 5 years, so that wasn’t going to cut it. AND for a lot of busy breastfeeding moms, not eating enough is making it harder to lose weight. So, I don’t advocate skipping meals, unnecessary fasting, or food deprivation. I bloody love food. I advocate for choosing the right convenience foods and helping moms bloom however and whenever they want.

Me last week month :), yes I really need to take some new pictures lol 

When did you start? What was your starting weight?

I started my weight loss journey in October. I weighed 286 lbs or 130 kg. I couldn’t comfortably fit in chairs, or even keep up with my five super busy kids. 

But how does the shake actually help you lose weight?

It helps in a few ways. Firstly, it’s a nutritious meal/snack that we can make quickly; this stops us from skipping meals (not eating enough can make it hard to lose weight). And for me personally, when I skip meals, I’m super likely to binge eat everything in sight 😬. It’s also a great swap for other convenient but less nutritious foods. Plus, it’s high in protein, which is great for keeping us full and helps to maintain muscle mass—so important for our postpartum bodies 🌸.

Ok, that’s it for Part One, on how I lost 43 lbs (21 kg) in five months while exclusively breastfeeding and donating thousands of liters of my milk…

Stay tuned for Part Two! If you're keen to join our Bloom Babe Squad, shop the limited eddition sample packs. 

LOVE you BFF, mean it!

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