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Breastmilk Queen

OMG Pills Bundle

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Looking to bundle and save ?

Then this is for you !

OMG Pills were designed for lactating mamas, and have fast become iconic in the lactation world ! They contain time-tested galactogogues like flaxseed, and natures natural libido and breastmilk supply booster maca.

" You just need to get through the next breastfeed. Then you can think about the next one. Remember one breastfeed at a time. You can take it slow. Breastfeeding isn't a race. It's a journey. Like any journey, it might get a little rough. But when you reach your goals, you'll be thankful that you kept going! You got this ! "


Highly nutritious superfood, proven to increase sexual desire and improve vaginal dryness.  Also used to improve mood and general wellbeing.  Maca is generally safe for adult consumption.  You should discuss any new supplements with your own health professional before making any decisions. Maca can make you horny enough to want sex and wet enough to enjoy it.


Flaxseed has estrogenic properties and essential fatty acids.  It has historically and culturally been given to breastfeeding mamas for the purpose of improving milk supply and quality.  Flaxseeds also have a long list of health benefits for non-breastfeeders.  It’s high in protein, Omega 3 fats and dietary fibre.  Consuming flaxseed may reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and cancer risk.

Full Ingredient List 
Organic Maca, Organic Flaxseed.
1. Is this safe for me while I’m breastfeeding and/or pregnant?

Health experts around the world generally agree that maca is safe to take while  breastfeeding and/or pregnant.  The Association for Promotion and Cultural and Scientific Research of Breastfeeding (APILAM) have some excellent evidence-based information on this.  It may be helpful to discuss OMG Pills with your health professional (who knows, they might want some too!).

2. I am not breastfeeding, is this beneficial? 

Absolutely yes!  OMG Pills are good for anyone looking to improve their libido, energy levels and general overall health and wellbeing.  If you’re a lady, you get the added bonus of improved lubrication, and if you’re breastfeeding you get even more benefits.

3. How do I take it? 

The usual dosage is one pill daily with a glass of water (or wine, whatever)

4. Will OMG Pills + increase my milk supply if I am breastfeeding?
OMG Pills contain ingredients that are commonly taken to improve different aspects of breastfeeding.  OMG Pills also contain maca, which is known for its libido-boosting properties.  

Maca = Improved libido = Increased oxytocin = Improved breastfeeding

Oxytocin (AKA The Love Hormonej) balances Cortisol (AKA The Stress Hormone).  Think of these two hormones on a see saw.  When cortisol levels go up, oxytocin goes down.  When oxytocin goes up, cortisol goes down.  Feeling loved up and having sex boosts a body’s oxytocin levels.  Oxytocin is a key hormone in breastfeeding too, helping a body make available stores of breastmilk readily available to the breastfed child.

Milk production is very holistic. Direct stimulation to the breast is arguably the single most important player in successful breastfeeding, but without oxytocin to support that process, it wouldn’t make much of a difference.  A mama has more milk production success if her entire body is... happy!  Getting healthy foods, hydration, rest... sex?  It all helps!