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Weaning Supplement: Wean Bliss BOGO

Weaning Supplement: Wean Bliss BOGO

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Introducing Wean Bliss! These superfood capsules act fast to boost your mood as you gently wean your baby.

Breastfeeding your baby is truly an amazing accomplishment, but unfortunately, weaning your baby can lead to feelings of sadness, tears, and even anxiety. Having supported thousands of breastfeeding mums through the weaning journey as a Midwife, I recognized the lack of products available to support them.

That's why I formulated Wean Bliss to be your best friend as you gently wean your baby. It's full of superfoods traditionally known to have a calming, blissful effect on our mood. Importantly, they won't affect your milk supply, so you can continue weaning at your own pace. You'll just be feeling a lot happier as you do it.

I'm pretty confident you can beat the weaning blues.

Take 1-2 capsules daily for optimal benefits.

Dairy, Gluten Soy, and Sugar FREE 





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