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Breastmilk Queen

Hot Chocolate Bundle

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Hot Choc is a yummy "Hot Chocolate" that was designed for lactating mamas. It contains time-tested galactogogues like flaxseed and coconut, and natures natural libido and lactation booster maca. 

X 2 Packets SAVE $$

" You just need to get through the next breastfeed. Then you can think about the next one. Remember one breastfeed at a time. You can take it slow. Breastfeeding isn't a race. It's a journey. Like any journey, it might get a little rough. But when you reach your goals, you'll be thankful that you kept going! You got this ! "

Full Ingredient list
Organic Cacoa, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Maca, Organic Flaxseed.
1. Is this safe for me while I’m breastfeeding and/or pregnant?

Health experts around the world generally agree that maca is safe to take while  breastfeeding and/or pregnant.  The Association for Promotion and Cultural and Scientific Research of Breastfeeding (APILAM) have some excellent evidence-based information on this.  It may be helpful to discuss OMG Pills with your health professional (who knows, they might want some too!).

2. I am not breastfeeding, is this beneficial? 

Absolutely yes!  OMG Hot Choc is good for anyone looking to improve their libido, energy levels and general overall health and wellbeing.  If you’re a lady, you get the added bonus of improved lubrication, and if you’re breastfeeding you get even more benefits.