One Pump Away: The Breastfeeders Club's 7-Day Supply Boosting Challenge

One Pump Away: The Breastfeeders Club's 7-Day Supply Boosting Challenge

Are you ready to supercharge your breast milk supply? Do you need to make more milk to build a stash or navigate through a pesky supply dip?

If the answer is YES, stick around! I'm going to tell you all about the FREE One Pump Away Challenge. I bet by the end, you'll be so PUMPED to join us!


Did you know that when you share your milk-making goal with your BFFs (BreastFeeding Friends), it can increase the likelihood of you achieving it by a whopping 60%?! How amazing is that?

And that's precisely why you're going to succeed in this supply-boosting challenge - you're not doing it alone!

For the full seven days, you'll receive daily emails from me, filled with support, tips, and tricks. If you're participating in one of the live rounds, you can get real-time support from me on Instagram and Facebook. I'm not just cheering you on from the sidelines; I'm literally doing this round with you!

Next LIVE round starts 15 th of February! 

Now, let's go over all the details SO YOU CAN JOIN!

What if you're joining the One Pump Away Challenge after purchasing my brand of lactation product? 

Well, supercharging your breastmilk supply with my One Pump Away Challenge AND my products is a total game-changer! I see successful results from mums who take this approach every day. The One Pump Away Challenge really is an excellent way to maximize the benefits of my products. So, if you're beginning this challenge after purchasing my products, here's an extra special welcome and virtual hug to you, my BFF!

Do I have to purchase your products to enter the challenge?

Absolutely not. This free challenge is open to all my BFFs.

What's the purpose of the One Pump Away challenge? 

The One Pump Away Challenge aims to boost your breast milk supply by adding one or two power pump sessions to your schedule. So simple, yet so effective! 

How long does the One Pump Away challenge last?

The challenge runs for seven days. However, feel free to adjust it to your needs, BUT remember, if you shorten it, you might not achieve your desired results.

When does the One Pump Away challenge start?

We're kicking off the year strong with our first LIVE round starting from the 15th to the 22nd of February.

But remember, you can join at any time! You will continue to receive daily emails with support, tips, and tricks. And make sure you share your progress and wins with me! Just DM me on Instagram or Facebook - I'm cheering you on.

So, what are the rules?

If you know me, you'd know that I'm not much of a rule follower. But to make the most of this challenge, it's pretty important that you commit to adding in one or two power pumping sessions over 24 hours for the full seven days. Power pumping is designed to gradually boost your supply by replacing a regular pumping session with a strategically planned alternative aka a ‘Power Pump’

Example routines: If you're an exclusive pumper, you might choose to replace one or two of your regular pump sessions with power pumping sessions. If you exclusively nurse directly from your breasts, consider adding one or two power pumping sessions within a 24-hour period. These are best done after your baby has nursed. If you need help with setting your routine let me know.

What is Power Pumping? 

Power pumping is a technique that mimics a baby's frequent feeding during growth spurts. It works by emptying the breast more often than usual, which signals your body to produce more milk, faster! In essence, it tricks your body into thinking your baby needs more milk, prompting an increase in milk production."

How do I Power Pump?

To power pump, select one or two - 1-hour time slots each day or night (e.g., 7 am every morning and 7 pm every night) and follow this pumping pattern:

Pump for 20 minutes; rest for 10 minutes

Pump for another 10 minutes; rest for 10 minutes

Pump again for 10 minutes; finish

This totals 40 minutes of pumping over a 60-minute period.

But Amy, when will I see results?

Some mums start producing extra milk within 48 hours of starting the challenge. Others might take up to a week, so don't feel disheartened if it takes you a bit longer.

How do I keep track of time during Power Pumping?

Ok, this might seem weird, but bear with me. While a clock or an alarm may seem like the obvious choices, these could potentially add to your stress. So, consider some less conventional, but possibly more relaxing, methods to manage your time, trust me on this.

  • Watch a favorite TV show and use commercial breaks for pumping while resting during the program.
  • Alternate between movie scenes for pumping and resting.
  • Listen to music and pump during two songs, then rest during the next two.
  • While reading, place your bookmark four to six pages ahead and pump until you reach it. Then move it further and rest until you get there again.

Ok, I’m in, what's next?

Yay, I'm so glad you’re taking this step to supercharge your breast milk supply! Simply click this link to register. Don't forget to check your emails and add my Instagram stories to your favorites. This way, I can inspire you each day!

I also have some very cool prizes to give away during the LIVE challenge. Simply DM me some pictures or videos during the challenge, and I will randomly pick some winners! This should hopefully encourage you to document your progress, and I would love to see how you're doing. Here are some ideas:

  • Selfies while you pump
  • Milk stash pictures and videos
  • Your pumping setup

DM me on Instagram or Facebook if you have any questions. 

love you BFF, mean it!


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