Homebirth Story of Max Sunny McGlade

Homebirth Story of Max Sunny McGlade



Max's birth story began even before he was conceived. Three years after my husband's vasectomy, we changed our minds and decided we wanted another baby. So, Lee had a vasectomy reversal, and our journey to creating baby #5 began. I was so scared  it wouldn’t be successful, but 11 weeks later, we were pregnant with "Star Baby." I had wished upon a star so many times for this baby that it felt like an appropriate name.

I really think we truly consciously welcomed Star Baby into our lives. Our older children, Violet, Jonny, Luke, and Scarlett, were beyond excited for OUR baby.

I was thrilled to be growing new life, but I hate pregnancy. Pregnancy for me is gross; I vomit every single day with heavy 24/7 nausea until I birth my baby. All five of my pregnancies have been the same.

Whilst I hate pregnancy, I love giving birth. I am good at it. It feels odd to say, but it’s true. Birth is my power. My body knows exactly what to do, and I have had incredible support through each of my births to birth my babies my way.

All four of my kids have been born at home, so there was no question that Star Baby would be the same.

I had excellent care from my private midwife, Danni. I felt safe and heard throughout my pregnancy; we got along so well, and I enjoyed her company. Having birthed at home so many times before, preparing for the birth felt so natural and normal for all of us.

It’s hard for me to describe, but it all felt so comfortable and familiar, buying supplies, creating my birth nests, and gathering my favorite birthing things. I had ZERO fears or doubts; I just knew my baby was coming around 39 weeks (like my others), they would be born in water. If the baby was a girl, she would be born when the sun was up, and if it was a boy, he would be born when it was dark. I would birth in water, surrounded by Lee, April (my sister), my mama, and my children. I would be safe, empowered, and protected. Not sure if it was intuition or I manifested it, but that’s exactly what happened on the 17th of March - St. Patrick’s Day.

By the 15th of March, I felt 100% ready to meet Star Baby. I bought a bouquet of sunflowers and half-heartedly joked that I was buying sunflowers for my son 😉💙

On the 16th of March, at 39 weeks, I woke feeling great. I had been suffering from weeks of prodromal labor and often woke up exhausted. But not this morning. When I scrolled through Instagram that morning, the first post was a birth tip: "We CAN do anything for 20 seconds." I saved it!

The four kids went off to school, I headed to a quick lash refill appointment, and Lee was working from home as usual. I wore a yellow and black dress, and I felt good!!

After my appointment, I headed to the shops. I rarely go to the shops alone but felt the need for fresh bread, crisps, and iced coffee. The checkout girl asked what my plans were for the rest of the day, and I told her I might be having my baby. We both laughed.

Lee and I ate lunch; it was the BEST! I recorded some videos for Instagram of Star Baby's umbilical cord tie that Violet crocheted, but for some reason, I never shared it.

Lee finished packing the orders, and at school pickup time, I insisted on coming too. I just felt the need to be close to him. We even held hands as he drove. We picked up meat for a yummy BBQ. I was so hungry! It’s like my body knew I needed fuel.

After dinner, I had a shower around 7:15 PM. As I was washing myself, I noticed some of my mucus plug and blood had come away. Within 10 minutes, while I was still in the shower, I had my first contraction. It didn’t last long, but it was very real. I quickly half-dried myself and waddled down to tell Lee and the kids that Star Baby was on their way.

I called April (my sister) to not have any alcohol - lol - I knew she was going out for a yummy dinner with her girlfriends. I then rang my mama and told her it was the beginning.

At 7:38 PM, I started timing contractions. They weren’t really regular, but I thought I would take a screenshot and send it to my midwife. At that exact moment, I got a message from an Instagram friend saying, “Can I hear a birth pool fill up?”

I texted Dani, my midwife, to let her know what was going on and that it all just might fizzle out. It didn’t.

While texting April and Danni, Lee went to an important meeting at the kids' footy club. He wasn’t gone long, but while he was out, the big kids showered and got ready for bed.

I was having irregular, but spicy contractions. They hurt, but were nothing I couldn’t manage. The kids were fantastic, and the house's vibe was excitement and love.

Scarly went to bed with the boys, and Violet stayed up. We promised to wake them when I was 100% sure Star Baby was coming. April came over and Lee was home. 

By 10 PM, I was becoming vocal; my body completely took over. The pain was in my back for every contraction after about 10 PM. Lee, April, or Violet held a hot water bottle on my back. I could feel Star Baby moving deeper into my pelvis. I was really enjoying riding the waves with just us and didn’t feel the need for my midwife or birth photographer yet. We kept the house dark.

By 11 PM, April had gathered the birth team. I knew I was in labor at this point and was very loud through contractions, but between them, I was chatting/laughing, feeling very happy. I had made my way to my kitchen and leaned over the counter bench, holding my birth comb. I stayed there for most of my labor. I could see everyone setting up around me. I never had to ask for water, heat packs, lip gloss; it all just appeared. I will never forget how I was treated. I felt so loved, protected and powerful. Lee was so intuitive to my body, and April knew what needed to happen. Violet watched my every move. My friend and midwife Nikki was the first midwife to arrive, and her presence was so comforting. She had also been one of my midwives for Violet’s birth.

My mama came at midnight; just her smell and voice made me feel better. The other midwives had also arrived. It’s like once were all together, my body really let go. Around 12:30 AM, my water broke during an EPIC contraction. While still leaning over the kitchen bench, I felt my baby drop, and in that moment, I knew I was fully dilated and deep in transition. 

About 1 AM (half an hour after my waters broke), I was HOT and needed the birth pool, so I got in. I don’t know how, but amidst caring for me, Lee, Violet, and April had assembled everything. It was perfect, the candles, fairy lights, oil diffuser. I knew our baby was REALLY close!!!

As soon as I got into the birth pool, I started having really strong, back-to-back contractions. I had no voice left, but I knew my baby was close.

At the end of a MASSIVE contraction, I felt the familiar, heavy stretching feeling of my baby's head. As soon as I felt it, I gave an almighty push—gosh, it felt good to push. I grunted really loud and hard. April and Lee both knew the head was out. April is so in tune with me, a true soulmate.

The next contraction came within a minute, and I pushed the rest of my baby out. Oh, it was bliss, absolutely heaven. The best feeling in the world.

I lifted my baby up and saw straight away—it was a BOY!! Max was born at 1:12 am. I was so happy that someone had woken the little kids, and they didn’t miss it. April and Violet were bawling, and Lee looked so blissful. I felt invincible.

Maxi was just gorgeous, with a little bit of blonde hair and blue eyes. He felt tiny and so perfect. I can’t actually express just how truly good I felt. I had done it.

So many memories from after his birth—the food, the laughs, the tears, the cuddles, and kisses. But one of my favorites was Lee showering and drying me afterwards, so much love and protection. I felt so safe, so loved, so adored.

All the kids bonded, had cuddles, took photos, and rang their friends. Maxi’s arrival was a real celebration.

I would do anything to go back to that perfect night, and I am forever grateful for these photos from the best photographer.

By early morning, the house was put back together, and you wouldn’t have known there was a birth.

Around 5 am, everyone had left, and Lee, Maxi, and I all went to bed together, everything was as it should be. 

Max Sunny McGlade

3.89 kilos (my smallest)

52 cm long

I actually can’t remember what life was like before him! We love him so much 🍀☀️💙



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Such a beautiful and powerful story.
I was 36 when I had my first, and I was terrified! I found Amy’s page when I had about 5 weeks to go and she just filled me with so much courage. Thank you Amy x


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