Breastfeeding Mums, Let's Talk Sex: 3 Unexpected Facts

Breastfeeding Mums, Let's Talk Sex: 3 Unexpected Facts

Today, let's have an honest talk about sex and how it impacts our lives as breastfeeding mums. I can't tell you how many times a new breastfeeding mum has come to me in tears, convinced something was wrong. When in reality, she just needed a few honest chats with her fellow breastfeeding mummy friends. So, let's chat about these three little-known facts that directly affect our sexual health as breastfeeding mums.

One, why is my vagina so dry, even when I'm sexually excited? 

Firstly, did you know that when you're lactating, your body may produce little to no vaginal lubrication, even when you're feeling turned on? Yep, this can lead to actual physical discomfort during intimacy. But I promise you, it's completely normal and not a reflection of your attraction to your partner. Hormonal changes during lactation cause this temporary dryness. If you experience discomfort, consider using a water-based lubricant. Also, don't hesitate to communicate with your partner about these changes – they will totally appreciate the insight. 

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Two, are my leaking breasts a sexual turn-on or just a turn-off?

This is entirely up to you! But, it’s quite possible to experience a letdown (milk leaking - spraying from your breasts) when you orgasm! Yep, this response can vary greatly depending on factors such as the timing of the sexual encounter ( are your breasts very full or did your baby just feed ).  Now some women may find this surprising or even super embarrassing, but it's actually a perfectly natural physiological reaction. It could be a turn-on, a turn-off, or even a cause for a little giggle with your partner. My top tip is, if you're uncomfortable with the possibility of leaking breasts, consider keeping your bra/top on. As always, please chat with your partner, open communication will help! 

Three: I used to enjoy my breasts for sexual pleasure, but now I don't...

If this is you, it's okay! As a breastfeeding mum, your nipples may be extra sensitive. While they're fulfilling their very important role of feeding your baby, they might not respond in the usual way to the stimulation you once enjoyed from your partner. This can sometimes be incredibly confusing or frustrating, but remember, it's quite common and not a reflection of you or your partner. I like to remind all new breastfeeding mums that the changes in our bodies are amazing and evolving, and our breasts are incredibly versatile. You get to decide when they are sexual and enjoy them at will.

I hope this chat has been both empowering and comforting. Remember, the changes that breastfeeding brings to your body and sexual health are both normal and extraordinary. I can 100% guarantee that if you can relate to anything above, you are not alone.

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Happy Breastfeeding!

Love Amy 

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I had no clue I could potentially spray/leak milk when I orgasm. I’m 5 weeks postpartum.


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