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Breastmilk Queen

Face-to-Boob Skincare Complete Bundle + FREE Pink Clay Mask

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First Ever Face-to-Boob Skinecare Line - Because your face actually stops at your boobs.

What you get 

Very Clean Skin Cleanser 200ml

Hydrating Plumping Firming Skin Mist 125ml

Nourishing Soothing Skin Moisturiser 50ml 

Refreshing Eye Gel 30ml 

Pink Clay Mask 50ml FREE 

FREE World Wide Shipping 


Very Clean Skin Cleanser

Smells Like: Jasmine - Patchouli - Chamomile- Lavender

Why? Removing makeup, dirt and pollutants just makes sense.

When?  Morning and Night.

Fancy Ingredient: Milk thistle, an ancient herb that has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce redness and rosacea.


Hydrating Plumping Firming Skin Mist

Smells Like: Lavender- Jasmine- Rose

Why? Hydration! Plus keeping bacteria and germs off your skin is smart.

When? Morning, Night and throughout the day.

Fancy Ingredient: Aloe Vera, Jacaranda and Elderflower queens of the healing plant extracts. 


Nourishing Soothing Skin Moisturiser

Smells Like: Ylang Ylang- Patchouli- Jasmine- Lavender

Why? Nourishing, feeding and soothing your skin feels good.

When? Morning and Night.

Fancy Ingredient: Jacaranda flower, which is an anti-inflammatory that helps soothe your skin AND stimulates collagen production.


Refreshing Eye Gel

Smells Like: Cucumber

Why? Because you are looking for a eye gel to hide the fact that you've been tired since your eldest was born. #darkcircles #mamalife #tiredasfuck

Fancy Ingredient: Green Coffee which can help assist in removing dark circles.