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TwiddleTip Lost or Broken Guarantee

Breastfeeding a twiddleing baby is serious business! And it requires seriously durable baby and kid gear.  So our TwiddleTips are made tough to last every nursing adventure you go on. 

But life happens right.  Busy mamas lose stuff all the time. But we don't want that to stop you from feeling great about your TwiddleTip purchase, so we have a Lost and Broken Guarantee. If you loose or break your TwiddleTip in the first 12 months after purchase we will replace it free, all you pay is a flat shipping fee to get it to you.

Simply register the purcahse of your TwiddleTip on The Breastmilk Queens website within 30 days of purchase and you are covered. 

Then if you happen to lose or break your TwiddleTip, you can redeem a replacement, pay shipping and your replacement will be on it's way. 

Twiddle free nursing journey here you come!!