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It’s me, I’m Amy.

I’m a milk-making, booty-shaking, breastmilk jewelry-crafting

selfie-taking Queen.

I love myself.  I celebrate my womanly form and thank my body by heaping love onto it.  I feel most at my most beautiful with my big booty, belly and boobs on show in a bikini on the beach.  I’m all about body positivity. I love breastfeeding.  I have been breastfeeding for over 10 years in a row. As a Midwife and Registered Nurse, I worship the power of breastmilk. My time working as a NICU nurse has shown me what it can do for even the newest and frailest of babies.  



I love sharing what I know with other mothers.  

I am creative. Because if Breastmilk is so awesome for babies, maybe it can be awesome for other things.  Like making stunningly beautiful breastmilk jewelry.  Enriching, velvety breastmilk soap.
I am determined.  I was told I wouldn’t be able to turn my creative hobby into a profitable business.  They said I couldn’t preserve breastmilk without expensive equipment and toxic chemicals.  They even told me I would ruin the breastmilk jewelry industry if I taught other women how to do what I did.  I proved them all wrong.
I love my fellow women.  I will always feel awe at seeing a woman emerge from the cocoon of birth, to unfold her wings and become something bigger, bolder and more beautiful than she ever thought possible.  Jealousy is not a language I speak. 

It’s a privilege and an honour to see the women around me strive for their full potential.

I’m a Queen… I’m The Breastmilk Queen.