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Hey breastfeeding


Want to know how to reach your breastfeeding goals?

Are you finally ready to breastfeed with confidence ?

We offer 1:1 online breastfeeding consultations that give you expert answers to YOUR breastfeeding questions

You want to breastfeed.

You might have limited experience.

You might be struggling with it right now.

But you know you want to breastfeed.

But you are overwhelmed by the hurdles in your way.

You get conflicting advice from well-meaning people, but they probably don’t understand what breastfeeding means to you.

Maybe a lot of the advice seems to be about removing breastfeeding from the equation, rather than removing the actual problem.

I understand. I can help.

 I’m a midwife, nurse AND a mama to four babes, all breastfeed to term. 

I have the skills and experience to guide you towards your goals.

1:1 breastfeeding consultations via ONLINE – expert answers to your breastfeeding questions

Instead of fumbling your way through google

…or asking random people on social media, get expert answers from

someone who’s been where you are. 

You can ask me things like:

Help, I think I’ve lost my supply!  What can I do?

How do I increase my supply?

How can I breastfeed more comfortably?

Is my baby feeding too much?

Is breastfeeding ruining my sex life?

How can I breastfeed in public?

Why does my baby use me as a pacifier?

How can I express milk?

 How can I wean my toddler?

How can I fix these sores on my nipples?

Why is my baby feeding so much?

I’m pregnant but still breastfeeding!  What are my options?

Get the support you need to be confident in reaching your goals!

One off payment of $99

Or 3 payments of $40 AUD


Let me help you

You’ve been through so much.  You’ve given birth and are passionate about providing breastmilk to your baby, but damn!  There is so much conflicting advice and misinformation!

You’re feeling overwhelmed.  You may even want to give up.

You want to breastfeed.  But there are hurdles.

Breastfeeding can be hard.

The Breastmilk Queen’s consultation package is designed to get you tailored advice.  I can give you information and advice based on your own unique situation.

I know that breastfeeding problems are usually time critical.  You’ll hear back from me within 12 hours.  And you know what I’m like – I love to talk!  My reply will be detailed and jam-packed with information, encouragement and supporting links.

You have three choices


Tell yourself breastfeeding is too hard, believing that you’ve explored all options and you can’t see any of them working out for you.


Tell yourself that breastfeeding isn’t a priority for you anymore, even though you thought it was.


Be a BREASTFEEDING QUEEN make that shit happen.  Let me tell you how, one Queen to another.  Seize your crown by the coronets and slam that thing on your head, because you are a QUEEN and Queens can do anything.

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Please DO NOT book if your baby is under six weeks, or had medical condition, or you suspect or have been treated for lip / tongue tie.


to get the help and support you deserve