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Breast Milk Baby Custard

BREASTMILK BABY CUSTARD SAY WHAT?? Baby custard made from breastmilk? Why that’s right Queens, that’s what I’m sharing with you today! You’ve heard of my breastmilk jewelry, breastmilk soap and breastmilk icy poles. I have a bunch of other recipes here too. Can you...

Expired or Unused Breastmilk? FOUR Trendy uses for it, from a milk bath to ice lollies to making BREASTMILK JEWELRY in 2020!!

 Have you got expressed milk that can’t be used?  Maybe you defrosted some of your freezer stash, and warmed some milk for your baby, only to have them refuse it.  Maybe you had a power outage and everything in your freezer defrosted.  Maybe you had too many wines and...



She has breastfeed for 11 years straight and believes that you don’t need to sacrifice to feed, and that hitting your breastfeeding goals starts with changing how you think about breastfeeding – and realising that you could be one feed away from reaching them! 

 Helping Women Straighten Their Own Breastfeeding Crowns since 2014 – Amy McGlade