Have you got expressed milk that can’t be used?  Maybe you defrosted some of your freezer stash, and warmed some milk for your baby, only to have them refuse it.  Maybe you had a power outage and everything in your freezer defrosted.  Maybe you had too many wines and had to drain your Pamela Anderson boobs so you could keep drinking in comfort.Or maybe you simply have too damn much milk and no other use for it.


We all know that breastmilk is AMAZING!  I mean, besides the fact that it provides LIFE-SUSTAINING NUTRIENTS to your baby, it’s also packed full of millions of germ-fighting cells.  Not to mention how damn symbolic it is of motherhood!  I mean it’s basically a tangible symbol of the most precious milky moments and heart-warming snuggles you may ever get to live through.  It’s also a symbol of your hard work – the labour of love your body has gone through, the minutes, hours, days, weeks dedicated to establishing your milk supply to the point where you could eke out more than enough for your growing babe. Your persistence and strength.  Your breastmilk is a testament to that.


You may not be able to feed it to your baby, but here’s some other things you can do with it.

Breastmilk Bath

OK, this trend is huge.  If you’ve never heard of a breastmilk bath before, just search “breastmilk bath” in the search bar of your favourite breastfeeding support group on Facebook, on Instagram or even on Pinterest.  You could probably even find photos in Google Images too.

Breastmilk Bath Spa Day

Breastmilk Bath Spa Day

Breastmilk baths are popular, but plenty of mums are doing it with formula, animal and plant-based milks.  Some are even using chalk and clay powder to achieve that beautiful milky look in their bathwater.

But for a breastmilk bath, all you have to do is pour your breastmilk into the bathwater!  For a Queenly experience you might also like to add fruits, flowers and other pretty botanicals.  Don’t forget to snap pics!

Breastmilk Soap

If the idea of pouring your breastmilk into the bath, up your creativity game by turning it into your very own breastmilk soap!  Bonus – you only need 20ml of your liquid gold to follow our recipe!

Breastmilk Soap


You can find everything you need to make your very own breastmilk soap right here.  And once you’ve done it, you can use it directly on your body OR you can finely grate it into your bathtub for a different kind of breastmilk bath.

‌Breastmilk Jewelry

Breastmilk jewelry has been a hugely popular choice for unused breastmilk.  Over the last five years or so, the breastmilk jewelry industry was shrouded in secrecy, with the artists involved holding all of their cards close to their chest.  Guarding their methods the way a tired mama guards her morning coffee.

But then I came in like a wrecking ball, grabbed the industry by the scruff of the neck and dragged it, kicking and screaming into the light of day.  I paved the way for breastmilk jewelry education.  I made it possible for the other artists in this industry to let their guard down and start welcoming new artists, instead of trying to fight them off.

Want to learn to make breastmilk jewelry?  Join my revolution here.

Want someone else to make your breastmilk jewelry?  Check out some of my past students here.

Breastmilk Ice Lollies

Combine the awesomeness of icy lollies with the miraculousness of breastmilk and you’ve got a breastmilk icy lolly – a fun treat you can give your baby, knowing it’s perfectly nutritious and delicious.

Perfect for soothing teething gums and sore throats.  Fabulous for the breastfed baby in a care situation who can’t or won’t take a bottle.  Intriguing for the baby exploring new textures in the mouth.  And satisfying and cool on a hot day.

( Pinterest graphics on how To make ice lollies )